is OPEN! Posted on 26 Sep 12:54

The cyclingMOFOS store is open! *Crowd cheers madly!*

Shut up and take my money!Yes, we totally jumped the gun. We're still adding products and info and working on the layout and pretty much everything. But we've had such positive response from everyone, including demands of "Take my money!", that we had to get up and going to start taking orders. And since we're a couple of crazy MOFOS, we shoved the developers out of the way and punched the "launch" button - and the site is live and ready to get you some awesome cycling wheels and stuff!

Are you ready, MOFOS?

(Don't forget to enter our contest to WIN an Integrated Carbon Handlebar & Stem!)
MOFO CROBAR -Integrated Carbon Handlebar & Stem from cyclingMOFOS!