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Rim Options

All cyclingMOFOS carbon fiber rims are made to order, beginning with a combination of the highest quality TORAYCA™ T700, T800 and T1000 series prepreg carbon, laid up and precision molded to our aerodynamically optimized rim shapes.

Learn more about rims and options below. For more on our rim and wheel building process, see our Wheel Technology page.

Clincher or Tubular Tires

Clincher or Tubular rims available for MOFO carbon road wheels

MOFO road wheels are available in clincher or tubular tire versions. Our clincher rims, which are also tubeless ready, are our most popular by far, so much that we haven't even listed tubular versions yet. If it's clinchers you're after, proceed with ordering. If it's tubulars you want, pricing is the same - contact us for a 'custom' order. And if you're not sure which, our blog post, Clinchers versus tubulars, is a big help.

Braking Type

Current MOFO road wheels are made for traditional rim brakes. Road disc brake wheels are coming soon!

Road bicycle wheel braking types - rim and disc
Braking Types

The heat and stresses caused by rim braking have been carefully factored into creating MOFO rims with carbon brake tracks.

  • Reiforced construction at brake tracks.
  • Use of a high TG (230+) proprietary carbon epoxy resin. Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) is the heat point at which the resin begins to deteriorate, which may lead to rim wall deformation and potential failure.
  • Basalt treated brake tracks to enhance braking performance, durability, and heat dissipation.

Together with our carbon specific brake pads, MOFO rim brake rims give you safer, consistent performance.

Rim Cross-Section Depths and Profiles

cyclingMOFOS Road Rim Specifications
cyclingMOFOS Road Rim Specs

MOFO rims are designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel test simulations for optimal strength and aerodynamic efficiency. Our "U" torroidal rim shapes allow you to slice the wind as you push forward and minimize the effects of cross winds.

All road rims are available in these depths: 24mm, 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 88mm.

Deeper rims are more aerodynamic, but the deeper depth requires more material, resulting in more weight and more surface area susceptible to the effects of cross winds. Very generally speaking, climbers like lower profile rims for their lightness, road and crit killers go for mid-profiles for more aeroness and strength, and time trialers / triathletes go deep for the most aero advantage.

In addition to aero benefits, deeper rims are stronger and able to support a heavier load. Following are our maximum recommended rider weights / weight limits for all rim sizes:

  • MOFO24mm - 90kg (198lbs)
  • MOFO38mm - 100kg (220lbs)
  • MOFO50mm - 110kg (242lbs)
  • MOFO60mm - 120kg (264lbs)
  • MOFO88mm - 120kg (264lbs)