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cyclingMOFOS industry leading FOUR Year Warranty & TWO Year Crash Replacement Program

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We want you to love your cyclingMOFOS wheels and ride them with absolute confidence and happiness, knowing they've been manufactured and built to our exacting rider-first standards and backed by our generous warranty and crash replacement program.



We warrant cyclingMOFOS wheels against defects in material and workmanship for a period of four years from date of purchase for the original owner. If you experience a related issue with your product, we will do our best to make it right, including repair or replacement. Contact us at support@cyclingMOFOS.com to open a warranty claim. Describe the issue so we may evaluate it and determine eligibility and the right course of resolution. We will work quickly and fairly to make sure you have a positive experience and can get back to riding.

This warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to:

  • Accidents, crashes, alterations, modifications, abuse, neglect
  • Misuse such as stunting, jumping, trick riding, ramp riding.
  • Incorrect installation.
  • Normal wear and tear of parts, including brake pads, rim braking surface, bearings, skewers, spokes, and cosmetic treatments (decals, decorations, anodizing).
  • Use of brake pads not designed for carbon wheels.
  • Damage resulting from commercial (rental) use.
  • Riding with excessive loads, lack of technical skill, competence, or experience of the user.
  • Products repainted, or had the original decals or decorations removed.
  • Any other bicycle components
  • Any incidental or consequential damages

Regardless of the length of the warranty, cyclingMOFOS does not infer that the products will last forever or cannot be broken. All wheels and accessories have a finite, limited useful product life cycle. The length of this useful life cycle will vary by environment, riding conditions, material and construction, riding style, maintenance, and the amount as well as type of use the product is subjected to. A worn out product does not indicate it is warrant-able, rather that the product has outlived (exceeded) its useful product cycle.

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Crash Replacement Policy

cyclingMOFOS products are made to ride and race. We want you to use them, not be afraid to use them. We know you may push boundaries and sometimes accidents happen.

Our crash replacement policy provides for the original owner to purchase at 60% of current non-discounted retail price the same product (or comparably available product) as originally purchase. Contact us at support@cyclingMOFOS.com to open a crash replacement claim. We require you to pay for your new item(s) and return the crashed item(s) to us. Once we receive your payment and crashed item(s), we'll send your new crash replacement items.


If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at support@cyclingMOFOS.com.


NOTE ABOUT RETURNS: When sending items for warranty or crash replacement service, be sure to remove tires, tubes, cassettes, skewers, computer magnets, and any other non-original parts. We will do our best to take care, but cannot be responsible for unrelated items.