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About Us

cyclingMOFOS is about bringing high quality carbon wheels and cycling products with attitude to discerning cyclists worldwide.

How It Started

cyclingMOFOS is the result of two passionate cyclists, Martin and Tony, working to find the best wheels and components for their money. We wanted to ride faster and look badass without breaking the bank, so we set out to find excellent, sweet stuff direct from manufacturers worldwide. Along the way we realized our knowledge and the countless hours of work we were doing to distinguish the good from the bad was not only valuable to us, but to our close cycling friends and cyclists friends all over the world.

cyclingMOFOS wheels in use at USA National Championships

We set out with our extensive experience: dozens of years riding and racing, working in the bicycle industry, product managing, and sourcing international manufacturing. We identified top carbon wheel manufacturers and began a comprehensive process of due diligence: evaluating their production capabilities, processes, materials, and products. We personally tested products and involved many of our cycling friends do the same. After narrowing the field, we visited with those manufacturers who offered the highest cost-to-quality, made further assessments, and established production relationships with the best.

Today, we collaborate with our select manufacturers to bring a broad range of cycling products to our fellow bicyclists. We team with our manufacturers to identify and improve products through our feedback and yours and by insisting on advanced manufacturing technologies, processes, and quality controls. (Learn more about our wheel technology).

The results are awesome looking and performing cyclingMOFOS wheels, components, and accessories. We proudly put our name on them because they represent the superior quality, performance, value, and kick-ass attitude we expect for ourselves and are glad to share with you.

How We See It - Team MOFOS Values

  • Our wheels and components are light enough and strong enough to transform an everyday MOFO into a fast MOFO. They are built with the same attitude as they are ridden – if it can’t handle a MOFO you won’t find it here.
  • Order your cyclingMOFOS wheels anyway you like - clincher or tubular, how deep and wide, the spokes and hubs, and even custom graphics. All done? Now ride them like the cops are chasing you!
  • We’re not out to win every race - but maybe we could. We don’t care about coming in last, either, because for a MOFO it’s not only the results that count. We're out there because we love riding.
  • We’re not just climbers, but if you see us climbing it's because the mountain got in the way.
  • We’re not just sprinters, but when we ride fast and win its because we like to go fast and beat you.
  • We've got nothing to lose and everything is left on the road.
  • We ride for the thrill, the speed, and the suffering – we ride because we love it. The coffee or beer at the end is a nice bonus.

Who We Are and Where

We are Martin and Tony, active road and mountain cyclists, currently riding and racing and working in the industry. cyclingMOFOS (CYCLINGMOFOS PTY LTD - ABN 51606728081) is based in Queensland, Australia. You can find us working and pedaling there and in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. More about us soon...

Want to know more?

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