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MOFO 50-60mm Carbon Clincher (Wheel Set) - 25mm wide

$1,545.00 USD

1698 grams

The MOFO50-60 is a 23mm wide carbon clincher - the perfect wheel set for a MOFO speed demon looking to crush the competition. Clincher convenience with extreme performance, aerodynamics & plenty of bling.

Weighing in at an incredible 1566 grams*, this wheel set accelerates and holds momentum as well as wheels 3x the price. With to 50mm front and 60mm wheels giving you the aerodynamics of a set of 60's with the weight savings and side wind handling of a set of 50's.

The wider 25mm rim, although slightly heavier than the 23mm, will provide a more comfortable ride and offer better aerodynamics.

If you're looking for a light weight, incredibly stiff, 50-60mm mixed set profile carbon fiber clincher - you can't go past the MOFO50-60!

Recommended for: Fondo rides, flat/undulating crits and destroying your local group ride.

MOFO 38mm Carbon Clincher (Rear Wheel) - 23mm wide

Front Wheel
  • Lace pattern - Radial
  • Spoke Count - 20
  • Weight - 684g*
Rear Wheel
  • Lace pattern -
    (Non Drive) Radial
    (Drive) 2 cross
  • Spoke Count - 24
  • Weight - 882g*
*(depending on configuration)
  • FREE titanium skewer upgrade (Red) - valued at $49 USD
  • Alloy skewers (Black)
  • Carbon specific brake pads
  • Rim tape
  • Valve extenders
  • Spare spokes

At cyclingMOFOS we not only want to give the the most awesome products available. We want to ensure you can tailor them to your exact specifications and needs. Our wheels are state of the art and hand built upon receipt of your order to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations.